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Periods. No one is ever excited to feel the joys of being a woman and all that follows with your menstrual cycle. From acne, bloating, craving, cramps and everything in between, periods can be a pain. No matter what, we as women should be proud of our bodies and how incredible they are! Wondering how you can make your time of the month not as bad? Here are a few tips and tricks that may end up being your saving grace.


  1. If you have an irregular period, make sure you keep a diary or mark your calendars when you start your cycle. Each day give it a rating 1-5 on your symptoms and flow. This will help with future doctor appointments as well as give you a piece of mind when you are irregular.

  2. Increase your water intake! This can help lighten your flow and also prevent nausea and headaches. 

  3. Warm baths are a blessing! Not only does the heat help with cramps but it’s an excuse for people to give you your alone time. 

  4. Always have Midol on hand.

  5. Doing an aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day that gets your heart rate up can help with menstrual symptoms. 

Macie Buch

Tampa '21

Macie Buch is a junior at the University of Tampa where she is pursuing a major inHuman Performance. Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is important to Macie, when she is not writing, she can be found at the beach, baking or binge watching shows on Netflix. . You can follow her on Instagram @maciebuch
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