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Thoughts Every Girl Has While Being Ghosted

Every single girl is going to get ghosted at least once in her life. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, ghosting is basically when you’re talking to a guy and everything is going well and then all of a sudden with no warning and no issues, he suddenly disappears. He stops texting, calling, and sending you snapchats from bed about how “lonely” he is (even though we all know he just wants some). Once this happens, the stages of post-ghosting thoughts begin:


The Wonder Stage:

“What did I do wrong?”

“Is there someone else?”

“Did I scare him off by eating too much pizza the last time we hung out?”

“Does he think I’m ugly?”


We first begin thinking about what it is we did wrong. We keep ourselves up all night wondering if it was our fault, or if there’s some outstanding circumstance in the situation.



The Sadness Stage:

“What am I going to do without him?”

“Why do I suck so bad?”

“Why can’t I stop crying?”


All of a sudden, we’re upset about it. We come to the conclusion that we’re the one who messed up and suddenly we can’t stop thinking about how sad it is that we couldn’t be better.



The Anger Stage:

“Screw him”

“He’s such a jerk!”


The anger comes next. We can finally realize that jerks are real phenomena, and our rage makes us see that we’re allowed to stop feeling so sorry for “wronging him.”


The Enlightenment:

“I’m so much better than that”

“I don’t need that crap”

“Who needs a man anyway?”


Why the hell are we letting this boy get us to hate ourselves so much? We’re strong women, and according to the almighty Beyoncé, “Who runs the world? Girls.”



The Forgiveness:

Not everyone goes through this stage, and some people go through it time and time again. Your man hits you with the “I’m so sorry,” and gives you some ridiculous excuse as to why he’s been absent, and sometimes you just sit there and take it. Be strong my lady friends, we don’t owe anyone forgiveness.


So thank you to my jerk who helped me realize how badass I am. Thank you for putting me down a hundred times and forcing me to stand up a hundred and one. You have changed me for the better, and I hope you’re reading this now.


Kayla Brown is a Senior at UT. Majoring in criminology, she one day hopes to do something badass af. While Kayla is not writing for Her Campus or studying for class, you can find her hanging with her sorority sisters, watching This is Us, or eating Kraft mac and cheese.
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