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The Wonka movie is coming out this December, and this is why I’m scared.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

As many fans of Timothee Chalamet know, he is starring in the Wonka movie coming out this year on December 15th. After the initial teaser trailer, it left many people with mixed— mostly negative— feelings. A TikTok trend even started up mocking the way Chalamet read his line. The full trailer has since come out, and personally, I still don’t think it’ll be any good. The Oopma Loopmas Hugh Grant did get a laugh out of me, but for the rest of the trailer, I was left cringing. It gave off the sort of big-budget film I was expecting, but there was something missing. The original Willy Wonka film has a fun, whimsical vibe, and the second film made in 2005 with Johnny Depp, while not as good as the original, still continued that chaotic nature present in the book. This current film is almost taking itself too seriously. It also changed the story to focus on Wonka’s background instead. While it is an interesting change, like I said before, it doesn’t have the same charisma that the original had. It also doesn’t seem entirely necessary to make a third Willy Wonka adaptation. I will not be seeing this film in theaters, but I will be waiting for the reviews to come out. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, and it will be a major success. We’ll know in a month. Either way, I do look forward to the memes that will surely come out of it.

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