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As of Friday the 24 of September it is official, Teen Wolf is coming back with a movie in 2022. And I am ecstatic as I have been in love with Teen Wolf ever since I binged watched in my Junior year of high school. And let me tell you I was obsessed. I would be watching it anytime I could: I was watching it during some classes and I would download episodes to watch when I was off of wifi. 

But yes it is back, Tyler Posey who played the lead Scott McCall confirmed it on Friday after posting a different season of Teen Wolf everyday last week as it was 10 years of Teen Wolf. Now the big question is who is coming back for the movie?

We all know that Tyler Posey will be coming back as it states in the short summary we’ve received that Scott McCall has returned to Beacon Hills as a new evil emerges. It talks about new allies but also some old friends. Many of the cast of Teen Wolf (the series) have posted about the movie so we hope they will be back.

We saw the jeep so Stiles better be back. And although I love Stiles he’s not my favorite character (I know I know).

I personally was an Isaac, Derek, and Theo girl. So I really want to see Isaac Lahey return from France because even with his scarves, I love him. And, of course, Derek and Theo. Derek was just amazing, and if Theo comes back I want Liam right there with him.

One thing that surprised me with the announcement was that Crystal Reed who played Allison Argent posted about the Teen Wolf movie and Allison died at the end of Season 3b so could she be revived or is she the new evil (back from the dead and wants revenge or has no soul).

I’m not sure about you but I am extremely excited and I hope we get characters confirmed soon (crossing my fingers for Isaac, Derek, and Theo)

Link to trailer: https://youtu.be/5WcuaoZFHi8

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