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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

One thing they never tell you about living by yourself is how draining it is to cook 3 meals a day. When I say it’s draining, know that I am a person who LOVES cooking and experimenting new recipes. I have a whole folder saved on instagram and pinterest of food ideas and new recipes. But after going to school full time and trying to balance a social life, studying, traveling, cleaning, and volunteering, cooking another meal can sometimes be the last thing that I want to do. So lucky for you, I love eating out maybe more than I like cooking (depends on my mood tbh lol). So from me to you I grant my compilation of go-to places right now in Tampa.


So many options ranging from italian to sushi so everyone is bound to find something they like. My personal fav item to order is the poke bowl BUT if it’s taco tuesday definitely take advantage of their $2 tacos and slamgria. 


I’m a sucker for a good green juice, smoothie, and acai bowl BUT my absolute favorite thing to go here for is their vegan cookie dough bites and vegan soft serve. I go here instead of WaWa when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth AKA a couple nights every week because I can’t sleep without dessert after dinner. 


I’m the worst when I go here because I know there are so many delicious options on the menu but I’m a creature of habit and order the same thing every time. Whelp oh well at least I know I’m going to enjoy it, right? So here’s my infamous order – Wood roasted veggies, salsiccia pizza (GF crust), pappardelle alle bolognese, and nutella mousse cake. I’m a little indecisive and like options when it comes to my food, so yes I do order enough to feed an offensive lineman, but I’d rather have too much food rather than eating bites off other people’s plates because nobody likes that person.


Maybe it’s just me but the margaritas and guac hit differently here! I also recommend this spot for taco tuesday, try a KFT, Shia Labeef, and Cerdo Perfecto taco while you’re at it, too.


I was introduced to this place by friends and it has since become a favorite of mine. I love their cocktails and wines, plus the atmosphere is unbeatable! I recommend the garlic frites, braised short rib, truffle mac + cheese, and bacon jam cheeseburger.


This one is an honorary mention, because going on “wawa runs” is something that’s been a favorite since I was in middle school and playing lacrosse. Their sandwiches and milkshakes honestly hit the spot and are sentimental to fun memories with my team when we’d travel, so don’t hate because otherwise you’ll miss out on what I’m talking about LOL.

Kate is a Junior at the University of Tampa. Studying Sports Management, she is a big advocate for women in sports. A Minnesota-native turned Floridian, she enjoys spending her time traveling, trying new foods, and changing her outfit for everything and anything. To keep up with her beach trips, sporting events, and food favs follow her on Instagram @simplicikate
Amanda Thompson is a native of Portland, Maine who is currently a Senior studying Communications at The University of Tampa. When she's not binge-watching New Girl, you can find her dancing around to Jhené Aiko, Lana Del Rey or Kehlani. If you want to keep up with Amanda, follow her on Instagram @amaandathompson