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Surviving College Quarantine

They said it was only a ticking time bomb for this moment to happen and here we are. One of my roommates tested positive for COVID-19. Although we’ve abided by CDC guidelines, this situation is still overwhelmingly unavoidable in the midst of a global pandemic. Rather than feel sorry for ourselves, my other roommates and I decided to make light of the situation, and here’s how:


Quarantine Apartment Hacks:

  1. Theme Dinners! : Whether the theme is related to the food, clothes or both, themed dinners are the perfect distraction! Who wouldn’t love a good taco night or 80s night to take their mind off things?

  2. Game Night! : Get out your UNO deck, Cards Against Humanity, For the Girls and Monopoly! Keep it interesting with punishments for losing throughout each game to make the competition fiercer! 

  3. Study Fort! : This sounds a little strange.. but hear us out! Take your mind back to our childhoods when we built forts to play in and picture how fun it’d be now. Grab all your blankets, pillows and chairs – and BOOM, fort! All that’s different is instead of dolls we now have textbooks… 

  4. Movie Night! : Grab all of your favorite snacks and comfy blankets and get in the zone! Whether it's marathoning a series, a genre, or saga, it is sure to get your mind off things for a couple hours.

  5. Karaoke Night! : I know not everyone has a karaoke machine laying around, but it's 2020 and we have YouTube! All you need is a laptop, computer or smart TV, and YouTube. Search, “karaoke version of a particular song” and there you go! This is a fun way to bond and stay distracted.

  6. Spa Day! : Let yourself relax for a night. Pull out the face masks, hair masks, and bath bombs… It’s time to chill. Pampering yourself is always a great way to keep your mind at peace and improve your mood!

  7. Exercise! : Quarantine might make you feel restricted, but who says you can't stay active? Get in the living room and follow a video alongside your roommates or do your own little HIIT workout in your room! Staying active will only add benefits to the current situation!


Myleen Santiago,majors in advertising and public relations with a minor in political science.
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