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Some of My Favorite Artists on My Spotify from A-Z


This list is a bunch of random artists that I listen to on the regular on Spotify. ENJOY!

Check out the playlist I made with all of the artists on it!


A- The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are my absolute favorite band. They are a folk/bluegrass band from North Carolina.


B- Baio

Chris Baio who is a member of Vampire Weekend has some solo material that is really good! Very fun to dance to.


C- Cardi B

I know pretty much everyone knows who Cardi B is. She is blowing up on the music scene right now. Her voice is so powerful. I love it!!!


D- Dawes

Dawes is an alt rock band. They have been on my radar for a while, but I have been recently listening to “A Little Bit of Everything.” So good!



E- Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is a classic. “Wonderful Tonight” is one of my favorite songs. Future wedding song? Possibly!!!


F- Father John Misty

Father John Misty is one of the cleverest lyricists. His lyrics paired with his smooth voice=DREAMY/HILARIOUS.


G- Gorillaz

Gorillaz have been around for a while, but their song “Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)” is a lot of fun to sing along to.



The beautiful group of sisters a.k.a. HAIM has such a unique sound. They are really fun to sit down chill out to.


I- Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine is a slower pace than a lot of music. Extremely relaxing to listen to. Iron & Wine is super underrated.


J- Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin, another classic, is one of my favorite artists. Her voice is amazing. Her lyrics are relatable. You CANNOT go wrong with a little Janis Joplin.



K- Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is blowing up right now. I.M.O. Kendrick is one of the best rappers of our time. His music is fire. I saw him live for the first time at the Okeechobee Music Festival. It was life changing.


L- Led Zepplin

Led Zepplin is another timeless band. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” is one of my favorite songs. So much feels.



MGMT has a really different sound. Their music really surprises me because I didn’t think their sound was that versatile, but I have been liking all their music so far.


N- Neutral Milk Hotel

I am still in the middle of exploring Neutral Milk Hotel’s music, but “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” is a fun song.


O- Old Crow Medicine Show

Old Crow is one of the most fun artists I’ve seen live. Their music is fast-paced and fun to dance to. Also jus to clear things up, Old Crow sings the original “Wagon Wheel” song. Darrius Rucker’s version got nothin’ on Old Crow’s version.


P- Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline’s music dates back to the 50s. I don’t know what is was, but I just love her voice and her songs are very relatable.

Q- Queen

An obvious classic, Queen fills me with happiness whenever I listen to their music. It will never get old to me.


R- Roy Orbison

My love for Roy Orbison started last summer. His voice is so smooth and unique. His music is beautiful. What more could you ask for?!


S- Sharon Van Etten

I only recently started to listen to Sharon Van Etten, but her voice is angelic. Although it’s a cover, “The End of the World” is such a beautiful and sad song.


T- Thunderbitch

Thunderbitch is headed by none other than Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes. Anything with Brittany is amazing, and Thunderbitch is one of those things.



U- UB40

To be honest, I had no artist that started with a U. So, I just picked one I knew. UB40 has been around for a while, but “Red, Red Wine” will always be a classic.


V- Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is another one of my favorite artists. The lyrics and Ezra Koenig’s voice is a perfect mix of classy and fun.


W- Waylon Jennings

Super random artist, I know, but I have been listening to the song “I Can Get Off On You”, which is quite the interesting song.


X- The xx

Also wasn’t currently listening to anyone that started with an X. So, I chose The xx. Their sound is different and need some getting used to, but they have some good tune-age.


Y- Young the Giant

I have been listening to Young the Giant since their early days. I actually prefer their older stuff better. They are also really fun to see live.



Z- The Zombies

As you can tell, I listen to a lot of classic rock. “Time of the Season” is such a sexy song. A great song to belt out in the car (which I do a lot).

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