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Whether it be clothing, jewelry, decor, or anywhere in between, supporting small businesses will always be better than buying the eight dollar Shein shirt that’s currently in your shopping cart. Finding unique small businesses on Instagram has definitely become a weakness of mine. I would much rather purchase something unique and support the seller directly than have the same shirt as the rest of my school. If you relate to this, then this is for you! These are just a small handful of the small businesses, specifically on Instagram, that I’ve been loving lately!

I have always been, and still am, obsessed with tie-dye. From matching sets, to socks and masks, Audrey has it all. After years of searching, she has definitely become my favorite person to purchase from when it comes to tie-dye. Her color choices are amazing, and the quality of her pieces are definitely up to par. Her Instagram is perfect for getting a great look into what she does, and once you’re ready to purchase, just click the link in her bio where you can buy right off of Depop!


I am OBSESSED with this brand, and have been waiting for just the right moment to purchase what I currently have in my cart. Their iconic pattern is full of swirls and glitter, blues and pinks, and are the perfect stand-out staple pieces. They are on the pricier side, but I would highly recommend them.


This is a brand that I’m sure many college students are already aware of, but it’s definitely worth the mention. They make custom college apparel that plays off of a variety of name brands and well known styles by replacing the original designs with names of college or mascots. SpiritSzn has always been one of my go-to’s when I’m unsure of what to get someone as a gift or if I need some new college attire. 


If you’re looking for something unique to spice up your bedside table, this is the brand for you! They have the coolest and most unique flower-like resin coasters that are different from any I’ve ever seen before. I’m always on the hunt for fun home decor to spice up my safe-space, and I must say this brand is one of my favorites. 


Living in Florida means bikini season comes a lot sooner than it does in most other states. I have such a bad habit of buying every cute bikini I see, so I should definitely slow down, but there are a few brands I always go back to. Seayarn is a crochet swimwear brand based in the Outer Banks. Each suit is so unique and flattering, and the price point is extremely affordable!

Emma is a Senior Advertising and Public Relations major and Women and Gender Studies/Journalism minor at The University of Tampa. She loves the beach, graphic design, photography, and traveling.
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