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That ever so slight whisper

Drawing you nearer

Pulling you closer

Causing you to linger

That calling

So sweet and soothing

Persevering so strongly

Holding on with no warning






Oh sleep

Or is it depression?

Pulling me in, lulling me to sleep

Hiding me from the world

Extending my nights

But delaying my days

Oh depression

Or is it sleep?

I never want to leave the warm embrace

Except when it becomes suffocating

To remain in this relaxed state

Causing immobilization 

Oh sleep

You mock me

Run from me

Ignore me

But depression

You demote me

You hold on to me


Constantly on my mind

I can never escape you

The moments;



That you’re away are complete bliss

To break from your icy grip

Running with weak lungs and heavy limbs remind me

Haunt me

Of your everlasting presence

The joy I feel running from you,

That shot of ecstasy 

The adrelianline of life

Pulses in my veins

Sends electrifying waves down my body

This break euphoric 

And I don’t want this high to end


Learning, failing, and growing to become a better person, scientist, and writer. Marine biology major with a passion in the arts and wanting to see and create change.
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