Skin Care is Self-Care

What is the largest organ in your body? Your skin! Which is why it is extremely crucial that you take care of it and use the right products. First off, living in the sunshine state puts our skin at a disadvantage in regard to high UV exposure. I know I will probably sound like a broken record, but ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN! Especially if you have sensitive skin, put it on even to walk to class because the summer weather is rapidly approaching us. As busy college students, I understand that sometimes we might not even have time to lay out at all during the week and some weekends, but an alternative to that is NO UV TANNING! UV tanning can develop future bad skin conditions (trust me I would know because it has happened to me). A better alternative would be spray tanning or self-tanner products. Zoom Tan has great spray tan memberships that are reasonably priced, convenient in location and their product will not make you look orange like some other places around town will.

Another way to feed your skin health products and even make you feel healthier is by switching to organic lotions, soaps, hair products, make-up, deodorant, and nail polish. I cannot stress this enough ladies. It’s scary what the FDA will approve of and let us put into our bodies these days. Everything that you put on your skin and nails is absorbed and goes right into your bloodstream. Parabens, sulfates, talc, aluminum and who knows what else! Now I know switching over to organic products that you like is difficult and can be pricey, but every bit of effort counts! Some great brands that will make your skin healthier and YOU healthier, in the long run, are Kopari, Bare Minerals, Arbonne, Maui, etc. Sephora even has a clean product type category which is all organic! It may be a long and tough transition, but remember health is wealth!