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Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Everyone needs to take a day to focus on themselves at some point. Sometimes you may not even realize that you’re burning out. Here are some of the signs that you may need to take a day off:

1. You’re having trouble sleeping. 

Ask yourself why you can’t sleep and see if you can point to something specific.

2. You’re withdrawing socially.

You should always take time to see your friends and do things with others because it can drastically affect your mood.

3. You’re feeling negative or overwhelmed.

Try to think of what is bothering you the most and change it if possible. Remember that it’s okay to say no when you need to and that you don’t owe anyone your time or help. This can sometimes be the hardest thing, but it’s truly an important step.

4. You’re experiencing mood swings.

One minute you’re happy and the next you feel stressed or angry. If this is happening then there’s definitely a reason for it; try and track down what you’re doing when this happens or what you were thinking/talking about. 

5. You have trouble focusing.

Sometimes this just happens because you’re tired, but if it’s happening frequently you may just need to hit the reset button and take some time to relax.

You don’t need to be sick in bed to take a day off. It’s time we take our mental status seriously and learn to value ourselves.

Jalyssa is a Senior at the University of Tampa and the President of Her Campus at UT. She has worked with issues of human rights and advocation since high school. She is passionate about helping others, writing, and speaking up for those who can't advocate for themselves. Jalyssa's other interests include roller skating, art, music and make up. She hopes to one day become a criminal defense attorney.