The Season of Giving

As we all know this past week was Thanksgiving and whether you were having a feast or just enjoying some good family time, you probably had a good time (at least I hope you did). However, as Thanksgiving comes to an end and we enter Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the like a thought popped into my head. Have we been giving back?

As a kid, I enjoyed the fall and winter season because of two reasons I got some good food, and I got great gifts! But as I continue to grow and see more of the world, it's hard to enjoy this time of year when there is so much need out there. As a student at UT, I know that there are many homeless people in Downtown. I think we have all had an encounter with them, whether we see them from afar or we actually approach them. Thinking about the number of people without homes or food holds me back from thoroughly enjoying this time of the year. 

My intention is not to write something and hope that it makes you sad. I merely wish to call you to reflect on what we have and on what others may not. At UT there are a variety of organizations that do volunteer work whether it is in animal shelters, feeding the homeless or helping out any other cause. Therefore, I invite you to seek one of them out! If you haven't volunteered this semester maybe you could before it ends. I hope that even in the busy schedules we may have as college students we can take some time out and give back to the community around us.