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Have you ever woken up, immediately hopped out of bed, and gotten ready and just felt like you had a day filled with chaos? I think the majority of women would answer “yes” to that question. In this article, I will present simple, as well as fulfilling, ways to romanticize your morning routine.

You always hear the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” I believe that this saying, your morning routine should be the most important activity of your day. A peaceful yet efficient start to the day can lead to benefits in all aspects of your life. Establishing a perfect morning routine is not difficult, and it simply takes discipline. This article focuses on four main categories in which I provide tips and tricks to better romanticize your mornings! 

Physical – These are the things you do for your body when you first wake up!

  • Hydrate first thing in the morning! Your body works hard at night to help you reset and function properly, so help it recover with some H₂O. Add some lemon for both flavor and added health benefits!
  • Once out of bed, consider moving through some yoga flows or stretching.
  • A morning walk gets your blood flowing and your body moving. Breathing in some fresh air and enjoying nature calms the mind, body, and soul.
  • Skincare! Start the day by feeling good about the skin you are in and taking care of yourself!
  • Avoid going on your phone first thing in the morning. Phones easily overstimulate the brain and can cause you to start the day off feeling sluggish and/or grumpy.
  • Journaling! Get all those feelings out on paper and write down a few small goals for the day; small goals are the stepping stones to success.
  • Take a cold shower! Cold showers may not sound pleasant, but their benefits sure are. They help wake you up and can increase your focus throughout the day. They can even reduce stress and inflammation.
  • Make your bed! While you may want to keep your bed looking cozy and inviting, making your bed every morning establishes cleanliness and productivity and allows your space to feel calm rather than chaotic. 
  • Make a yummy and nutritious breakfast! Nothing is better for you than starting the day off with a breakfast that is both delicious and good for the body. 

Mental – These are the things you do for your mind!

  • Meditate. Deep breathing exercises in the morning can help to ground yourself and establish a sense of peace.
  • Create a list of everything you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be anything big or extravagant. Find gratitude in the little things like the comfort of your pillows or that you have a peaceful morning routine!
  • Read a book!
  • Listen to an educational or motivational podcast! Whether it’s on your morning walk or during your skincare routine! Make time to improve your mental health; you spend your whole life inside your head, make sure it’s a safe place to be!
  • Write down a list of small goals you know you’d like to accomplish for the day!

Emotional – These are the things you do to find joy within yourself!

  • Affirmations! Whether you’re saying them to yourself or writing them down, affirmations help in so many aspects and can result in you leading a more confident and successful life!
  • Doing little things that bring you great joy! These could range from calling a loved one in the morning to connecting with nature. Joy could be found in your skincare routine or your first cup of coffee (careful though; too much caffeine may lead to a day full of anxiety and jitters).
  • Listen to your favorite music while getting ready!
  • Cuddle with your furry friends! 
  • Listen to a TED Talk.

Spiritual – These are the things you do that are good for the soul! 

  • Prayer or do a devotional!
  • Practice manifestation and gratitude.
  • Connect with nature in some way.
  • Do small acts of kindness for those around you.
  • Read inspirational quotes and/or scripture.
  • Practice self-appreciation.

These tips and tricks are just a few of the many practices one can indulge in to romanticize their morning routine! Utilize what catches your attention, and incorporate it into your morning routine, and discover the benefits within them. I hope these small acts can help lead to a peaceful and productive morning routine!

Ainsley is currently a new member of Her Campus for the Tampa chapter. She enjoys writing about women’s health and fitness, lifestyle tips, personal growth, and relationship advice! Outside of Her Campus, Ainsley is a freshman at the University of Tampa and is an aspiring physician assistant. Her experience in the medical world through an internship at Littleton Adventist Hospital and as a lifeguard gives her the background knowledge for health and fitness tips. Originally from Colorado, Ainsley loves anything outdoors and enjoys adventuring with her friends. You can find Ainsley getting active on campus as well as taking time to relax and appreciate the simple moments of life. She loves anything to do with self improvement and is always researching to gain more knowledge about personal growth along with health and wellness.