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The secret to living a happier life is to find joy in even the most mundane days– our daily lives can get repetitive but, if you set your mind to believe that everyday life is unique, then it might just make a difference.

Mindset is everything.

Ideally, reflecting should be a positive experience. However, in a realistic world, if we want to change our mindset and grow, we have to address both the negatives and positives– but that is why it is better to always end reflection with positive thinking. 

Dig deep. First, think about what generally discourages you. When do you feel the most insecure, unproductive, or stressed? What are the little things about your daily life that you look forward to least? What do you want to do less of? What lifestyle don’t you want to live?

Now ask yourself the same questions but viceversa– what generally excites you? When do you feel the most confident, productive, or calm? What are the little things about your daily life that you look forward to most? What do you want to do more of? What lifestyle do you aspire to have? Sometimes we overlook the little things that may bring us joy. 

After asking yourself these questions, reflect and write them down. Finally, start applying these tactics daily.

Here are just a few ways to help romanticize your life:


We all have dreams, but turning your dreams into reality is the ultimate goal. Writing out a bucket list allows you to not only identify your aspirations in life but it motivates you to accomplish them through the physical act of checking off the boxes. Writing bucket lists for the new year is a great way to start. 

Create a vision board for inspiration. 

Creating a visual representation of what you envision your ideal life to be can serve as a daily reminder to improve your chances of success. As a result, you are more likely to believe in your ability to accomplish your goals if you have a powerful and positive image in your mind. If you need inspo, Pinterest is the perfect app to use. 

Spice up basic aspects of your routine. 

Take an ordinary part of your day and make it more exciting. For example, using a cute Tumblr can encourage you to drink more water, or using a cute coffee mug can make drinking coffee more delightful– a simple routine can be made more beneficial and enjoyable by incorporating aesthetics. Other ways you could spice up your routine is by decluttering, making new playlists to drive to, or grocery shopping with a friend– the point is to make tasks feel a little less boring. 

Make your living space serene. 

  • Personalized elements: create an altar with photos, souvenirs, symbols, and objects that are meaningful to you
  • The power of plants
  • Twinkle lights, LEDS or other soft lighting
  • Candles that extract your favorite smells
  • Add aesthetics like tapestries, posters, drawings, calendars, photo wall 
  • Incorporate soft textures– area rugs, quality bedding, throw blankets, and pillows to add accents 
  • Organization and tidiness!
  • Color scheme that reflects your personality/mood
  • Natural lighting
  • Storage solutions to create a minimalist look
  • Touches of wood

Your living space is your safe space. Avoid perfection; instead, seek comfort– this is the place where you should feel at peace and most yourself.

Schedule a day off per week.

Having one day off a week from work and school can help avoid feeling burnt out. In a perfect world, having a day to strictly focus on yourself and/or make plans with friends or family is the healthiest way to separate your school and work life from your personal life. However, every week will vary depending on your tasks, so this is where time management is essential. Plan a day that works best for you, even if it is a different day every week, so you can make sure you still get all the work and school-related tasks done in time. Personally, I like to use Sundays as my day to reset by cleaning, cooking, shopping, treating myself to a massage appointment, going to the pool or somewhere outdoors with friends, journaling, or even just spending hours watching TV. 

Fill your calendar with plans and special dates/events.

Life is more exciting when you have things to look forward to. Get yourself a calendar and fill it with birthdays, events, holidays, important dates, etc. And if you don’t have much going on that month, this is where your bucket list comes in handy– make those plans you’ve been longing to make!

Zoie Aguiar is a writer for Her Campus at the University of Tampa. Her articles cover a variety of topics including wellness, lifestyle, work, academics, travel, fashion, gen-z culture and aesthetics. In addition to sharing relatable and credible content on these topics, Zoie aims to connect with others by spreading positivity. Her core values are: well-being, passion, integrity, peace and individuality. Zoie is a Junior studying Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. In her free time, she loves to cozy up in her bed and watch reality tv, take pictures, DIY, design, decorate, play volleyball and shop. Zoie loves to travel and explore new things. Her favorite places to be are the city, beach, and mall. She loves to express her personality and style through writing, art and fashion. Ultimately, Zoie loves to be creative and have fun!