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It feels like every time I go out to eat with my friends in Tampa, we end up at the same restaurants. Any restaurant that is part of the Ciccio Restaurant Group, American Social or Jackson’s Bistro, anywhere at Armature works… it’s always the same spots. So, my friends and I have started a list of restaurants we randomly pass that look good, or just look cute enough to go for the aesthetic.

The first restaurant on the list is Sal Y Mar. Sal Y Mar is a rooftop bar and restaurant located in the new Midtown area in Tampa. This spot popped up on my friend’s Instagram one day and we knew we had to go! The aesthetics of the whole restaurant are perfect, and the rooftop view makes it that much better. They have plenty of comfy and cute couch seating to get comfy while grabbing a drink and some snacks with friends on the weekend. Their drinks look delicious and beautiful. We tried to go here the other week but there was an hour-long wait. We will be going back though because it looks that good!

Another restaurant that caught my eye is Mandarin Heights. I’m honestly not sure if this place sells food or if it is strictly a bar, but it’s making the list anyway. Mandarin Heights is a cute little spot located in Seminole Heights. They stay open late every night, and often have food trucks and live music! They also have drinks specials most nights. They frequently have new and innovative drinks that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They also have many Instagram-worthy photo-ops in the building. There are flamingos, neon signs, and even bathtubs to snap photos in. I’ve been meaning to go here for over a year, and hopefully I get to go soon!

This final restaurant is kind of cheating because I’ve actually already been here before. This one was recommended to me by a local bartender, and it was an amazing recommendation I have to share! The C House in Seminole Heights is amazing! This spot is also located in Seminole Heights. There are a lot of hidden gems there. It’s called The C House because everything on the menu starts with a C! They are best known for their charcuterie. I went with my mom and we shared a charcuterie and it was *chefs kiss*. Literally amazing. For my dinner I got carbonara which was also so yummy! They had live music, good drinks, and a cute woodsy vibe to the restaurant.

Jane Grandchamp is a senior at the University of Tampa. She is majoring in advertising and public relations, and minoring in international studies. She loves playing volleyball and going to the beach with her friends.
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