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Reminders Going into Finals Week & Relaxing Gifs to go with Them

1. One semester of work, or grades does not define your collegiate career

2. You know all the hard work you put in

3. You’re friends love you for your personality, not your GPA

4. GPA doesn’t matter after your undergrad (unless you’re going to grad school)

5. A 4.0 GPA and a 2.1 GPA get the same degree

6. You will be okay

7. You are more than a transcript

8. You will bloom further than you have before

9. Do not cry over books (and boys)

10. Breathe.

Caity Berk, Former Campus Correspondents, is a current Senior at the University of Tampa, studying Marine Science & Biology with a minor in Environmental Sciences. She loves onion rings, dark chocolate, and empowering women. When she finally decides to grow up, Caity wants to work with people and help them understand the importance of the natural resources that surround us
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