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It’s a new year and that means a clean new slate for all of us. In case you have no idea what the phrase “reclaiming my time” means, let me enlighten you.

In July of 2017, Representative Maxine Waters was asking the Mnuchin about a letter she had written that had never received a response. Instead of getting an answer in regard to her question about the letter, Mnuchin started talking about how great she was, almost as if he was trying to avoid the question and flatter her instead.

Welp, she wasn’t having any of that BS.

She basically tells him that we don’t have to take time to talk about how great she is (everyone already knows), yet he still goes on and on and she keeps repeating the phrase “reclaiming my time.”

Since then, the phrase has blown up, and people have been using it for any and every circumstance, serious or not.

However, this phrase has become infamous in this past Women’s March. It’s been used for all women who have lost their time to people who didn’t give the same efforts, for all the strong and beautiful women in the #MeToo movement, and, honestly, all women who have felt like their time has been wasted on something or someone who wasn’t worth it.


So, to everyone reading this: it’s a new year, and it’s a new day. Take back your life! Love yourself, do what makes you happy, stop trying to please everyone, be exactly who Y O U are, understand that you don’t need no man or woman to make

you happy or whole, but most importantly – take back and make up alllllllll of that wasted time, whatever that means for you.

Here are some photos of my amazing friend Alondra and her amazing signs from the Women’s March in St. Petersburg last month.


Esther Cho

Tampa '20

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