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Quarantine and the Power of Positive Thinking

     This has been a weird and heavy year for people worldwide. No matter your lifestyle or career, you weren’t an exception to that. For that reason, many people let go of hope and positive thinking, feeling lost and hopeless. And you might think that due to all the hardships that arose this year, you can’t go back to positive thinking. However, you can and really should.

     The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing about changes that needed to happen one way or another, and the universe decided that something big and scary needed to happen to bring that about. Firstly, it was about bringing together or separating people - whatever individuals needed - to understand the value of being loved and having people who are always there for you. In the corporate world, we are now realizing that it’s not working as well as it once was, so we need to make some important changes. Especially in careers like Journalism. 

     In addition to that, our society as a whole also needs to let go of judgment and standards that don’t apply to everyone. For example, not everyone who’s skinny or fat is healthy or unhealthy by nature. Things are not so black or white and the sooner we realize that the faster we can promote more body positivity and feel good in our own skin. I talk from experience that getting skinner doesn’t ultimately make you happy, it just helps you check a box and fit into a very judgemental and intolerant society. However, if being skinnier or chubbier makes you happier, then keep that up. You shouldn’t lose or gain weight for anyone other than yourself. We should always keep in mind that no one can please everyone. 

     Not only that, but we also need to start being more empathetic and think more about our environment. If we keep having a “me, me, me” mindset, problems will arise - especially when it comes to relationships. We are not the center of the universe, so why would we only think of our own belly button? What about the people surrounding us? If we keep being selfish and just thinking about ourselves, we will end up alone as relationships go two ways. 

    This pandemic also served to show how human beings need human interaction to thrive because the loss of interaction is something that is harming us to a point of no return and yet, we were taking it for granted. You need to learn to take care of yourself as well as the others and make sacrifices and compromises for the sake of a healthy relationship. That’s why I say that we should love and take care of ourselves first but equally do it for others. Self-love, self-esteem, and confidence are three major things that make all the difference. You just need to have a balance of everything in life. 

     There are many reasons why people don’t think positively sometimes and believe it or not, that matters and changes things. Why would you think of what is wrong instead of thinking about what is right? Instead of thinking that “I can’t,” change it to "I can” and “I will.” However, if your “I can’t” really stands for not wanting to do something, then change it to “I won’t” or “I prefer not to.” These are really small changes that make all the difference because when you think “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t,” or even “that person is doing so well and I’m failing,” that’s when you close yourself up to any blessings the universe could potentially send your way. 

     Talking from experience, I can say confidently that when I changed my mindset, I started being more grateful for everything in my life and noticed many blessings coming my way. I started a YouTube channel and got a lot of positive feedback, mended relationships, and friendships, let go of negativity, and the past, among other things. Now, stressors don’t get to be the same way they did before and I just feel a lot calmer and centered. 

    Maybe a little bit of affirmation guided meditation could help you start changing that mindset of yours as that’s what I used. By doing that, you can also let go of your limiting beliefs and become the best version of yourself. Take control of your thoughts and set good intentions every single day. And please remember that you’re beautiful, loved, and wanted. You also deserve to be loved and respected.

24, Sagittarius, Brazilian. University of Tampa 2022’ I'm a language geek, adventure seeker, bookworm and future writer/journalist. g.maistrobrasolin@spartans.ut.edu
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