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Profile- Karan Sehmi

Name: Karan Sehmi

Age: 18


Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya


Major: International Business and Economics


Relationship Status: Taken


Favorite Pick up Line: “I’m not single”


Musical Taste: Reggae, Lukas Graham is one of my favorites


HC: Why did you decide to come to Tampa for college?

KS: My friend told me about the weather and beautiful campus in Tampa, and suggested that it would suit me well. I really like it here so far.


HC: What’s your favorite part about UT?

KS: I like the small campus and class sizes because it makes it more personal. I appreciate that I can walk from one end of campus to the other in 10 minutes.



HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?

KS: If you had asked me this question three years ago I would’ve said Bella Thorne, but right now I don’t have one.


HC: What is your favorite place to be on campus / downtown?

KS: My favorite place on campus would be outside by the McKay volleyball courts. I live in McKay so it’s convenient for me, and it’s a great view. My favorite place downtown is the Riverwalk because it’s a good area to chill and walk around.


HC: What’s your dream job?

KS: Ride for a factory motor cross team. I love to ride motorcycles, and if I could do it professionally, that would be awesome. I started riding when I was five, and I was on a national team in Kenya.


HC: What are 3 words that describe you?

KS: Persistent, spontaneous, and reliable.


HC: Who is the biggest Influence in your life?

KS: My dad because he’s made me the person I am today and helps me through life. He’s always there to support me.

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Tampa '20

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