The Process of Crafting for a Little

Getting a little is a traditional part of Greek Life. They don't have to be your best friend, but you're their person for advice within your Greek org. On the srat side of things, crafting for a little is a stressful and exciting time!



You'll need canvases, and paints, and if they have patience- pick that up too

2. Pintrest boards

Unless you're inherently creative, have at least 40 ideas pinned, with range of difficulties, depending how artistic you're feeling

3.Get the little

Before you paint (too much) make sure you know what your little is into, or at the least, her favorite colors

4. Mix it up

Do some inspirational quotes, some things related to your organization, and some cute sayings. You don't want to give 5 of the same looking canvas

5. Recruit friends

I am a horrible painter, but my friends are insanely talented! For the intense looking canvases I had planned, I asked for help- and I'm glad I did, those canvases look great!


Rome wasn't built in a day, your canvas doesn't have to be done in 15 minutes

7. Revel in the beauty

You (and your friends) worked hard on all of this ART. Take a few minutes to admire it.