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Presidential Candidates for 2020: Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, currently a senator from California, announced in Martin Luther King Jr. Day that she will be running for President of the United States these upcoming elections in 2020. Harris was born in Oakland, California and moved around a few times before going back. She studied political science and economics at Howard University, a Historically Black University, where she joined the Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. When she returned to California, she earned her Juris Doctor and became a lawyer. A little over a decade later, Harris became the District Attorney in San Francisco. During her time as a DA, she opposed the death penalty, created a special Hate Crimes Unit which focused on battling hate crimes against the LGBT community and battled other predominant issues in San Francisco. She, later on, became the first female, Jamaican-American and Indian-American Attorney General in California and, a couple years later, ran for Senate of California and won.

Harris’s presidential campaign has been legendary, to say the least. Not only did she announce it in such an important day for the black community, but she went to her HBCU alma mater to make the announcement and she used the same colors Shirley Chisholm used for her campaign before she became the first black woman in Congress. Clearly, Kamala is channeling her blackness deeply for her campaign assuring her community that she will not only represent them in the upcoming elections but that she will also have their back if she gets elected. Her slogan is “For The People”, demonstrating her commitment to the American people, refuses to accept donations from corporate PACs and has a Spanish version of her website. Harris is undeniably touching different communities found in the country just within the first few days of her campaign, showing promising days ahead of her.

Although this might all be true, there is still a long way to the 2020 elections. Not only this but with all of the Democrat candidates that have launched their campaign within the month of this 2019, Kamala Harris might be looking for a tough fight these elections. But who knows, she might be the first female president. She certainly has the potential for it, let’s just see if the American people see it, too.

Straight from the island of Puerto Rico, Alondra Vidal Díaz flew to Tampa, Florida to study in the University of Tampa. As a college student with a major in political science and minor in finance, Alondra not only likes math and politics, she also loves films, activism, tostones and basketball. And she has a fire soundcloud playlist, you should ask her about it. Twitter and Instagram: @syrerican
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