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Overcome Being Under the Weather

It is definitely that time of the semester again... everyone’s stressed, cramming all the work in, excited for the holidays, and there is some bug going around. People are coughing or sneezing, and you cross your fingers hoping you don’t catch anything. Here are some of my simple remedies and advice I do to help take care of myself while I’m away in college during this time:


  1. SLEEP & REST- This is most important to me despite how busy I am. I try to find times I can nap or just go to bed early to get an adequate 8-10 hours of sleep. It’s crazy to see how quick my body recovers once I get enough sleep and rest. Use this as an excuse to curl up and watch your favorite holiday movies all day. (Or Disney + 😜)
  2. Tea/liquids- tea is my ultimate remedy. I personally like hot things when I am feeling a little sick or my throat feels a bit sore or scratchy. I put some honey in my tea to sweeten it as well AND honey is also good for soothing throats so it’s a win-win. It is also important to drink water and liquids. I like water with some Emergen-C in it to boost my immune system or even some Gatorade or vitamin water. A lot of liquids will prevent things from building up inside your system making your sickness worse. 
  3. Essential oils- I will forever love my essential oils. There is an oil for everything. Whether it’s putting some in a diffuser or using it directly from the bottle, it always seems to help me no matter the mood. Lemon is good to clear the air of additional toxins that might be adding to your feeling sick. Even orange is good for that and it gives you energy and boosts your mood. Eucalyptus is my all-time favorite for congestion or a stuffy nose. It clears my sinuses well. I like to put some drops on a cotton ball and dab it onto my pillows when I sleep so I am always smelling it. I also have an oil blend called Robbers/Thieves. I recently found out the benefits of this blend and have been using it every time I feel something coming on. It is a blend of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary. This blend boosts your immune system, fights infections and nasal/sinus congestion, and it promotes respiratory and cardiovascular health. I think that this blend is the ultimate one to keep with you during the cold and flu season. 
  4. Vicks- This vapor-rub is another favorite of mine. I have used it since I was a child and it has never failed me. I like to rub a but on my nose to clear my sinuses and I also rub it all on my neck and chest before sleep. It suppresses most of my coughing and soothes it. Sometimes I will even wrap my neck with a scarf to create some extra warmth for my throat so I can heal a bit faster. 

Hopefully you’re fighting the cold this season! But if you’re feeling something coming on, be sure to try some of my methods, I’m sure it will have you feeling better in no time!!