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I’ve had many lost relationships within the last two years. Unfortunately, those were left with mixed messages, lack of closure, and no time or effort to repair. The loss of any relationship is hurtful, and it’s good to get the feelings out when you need to.

Hey, you! 

It’s been a hot minute, I know. I’m sorry for the way things ended. There’s just some things I want to say. Ya know, closure or whatever.

I want to start by saying I’m happy for you. I see all you do through Instagram and Facebook; keep it up! You’re really taking the world in and doing great things. You should be proud of yourself. I’m glad I’m no longer holding you back from anything you wanted. You are fierce, kind, and so deserving of the world. 

I was hurt, and I’m assuming you were too. It was never my intention, but it was my consequence. I think of what my life would be like now if I still had you by my side. I’m sorry for everything I did. Even if you don’t apologize, I forgive you. I think nothing but the absolute best of you. You were there for the tears and cheers, and for that, I am thankful.

I miss the times we had. I think about them often: the sleepovers, the nights out, the random drives to nowhere. All that time with you was precious, and I took it for granted. I hope your time is now occupied with something that you love, something that makes your heart burst and brings your beautiful smile from ear to ear. 

Although this doesn’t repair the mess we made, I hope this brings clarity. You have a place in my heart for the good and bad. You may not be in my life, but you shaped me into who I am.

Love Always,


Hi! This is Jillian (but she really prefers to be called Jilly or Jill) from the University of Tampa. Jilly grew up right outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Jilly is an education major with a double minor in political science and leadership studies. She enjoys baking, ice cream, reading, and jamming to music with her friends. She's totally a dog person but has a special spot in her heart for cats. Jilly plans to teach the 3rd or 4th grade with hopes of instilling a love of learning in future generations.
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