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An Open Letter to My Pet Fish: The Sad Story of a Fish Mom

Dear Dragon Roll,

Just about two years ago, my friend purchased you as a gift prior to Christmas in exchange for not stealing her plush unicorn during a “White Elephant” exchange in our English course. From the moment I brought you into my loving abode, my family doubted you’d make it past those first two weeks of winter break, let alone through almost two years- including plane flights, train rides, and extremely long drives. 


    Fish are underrated as pets. Sure you can’t pet them or take them on walks, but they’re always there in the same spot. Through the years when coming home on late nights, you were always there to listen; to be completely fair, I don’t think you had the mental capability to judge me. 
    Taking care of something, especially when the world was against me, gave me joy! Waking up to see you swim to the top of your tank was one of my favorite moments. And in the evening, walking into my room and see you poke your head out from your cave, acknowledging my existence, it was reassuring to know that you were always there, even though you were a 3-inch blob of scales and fin. 

    As our time together progressed, you got fat, like severely fat, and I still loved you. Then the sass developed. People say that fish don’t have personality, but they never met you. Playing hide-and-seek or dead until I freaked out, you always made my life chaotic. Though my mom claimed you were the sweetest little fishy fish, you were always my favorite side friend. 
    These past few weeks were rough. You lost your color; you stopped swimming as much, and most days you didn’t seem to eat food. We’ve had enough scares over the years that I should’ve been prepared, but I was not. 

    When I get a new fish in the near future, know it is not as a replacement, but simply to help me heal, and save another fish from PetSmart. I know in my heart you wouldn’t have put up with the crap of another fish, you feisty little creature. So here’s to the pets people don’t appreciate, and another to rash high school decisions.

Proud Fish Mom,

Caity Berk

Caity Berk, Former Campus Correspondents, is a current Senior at the University of Tampa, studying Marine Science & Biology with a minor in Environmental Sciences. She loves onion rings, dark chocolate, and empowering women. When she finally decides to grow up, Caity wants to work with people and help them understand the importance of the natural resources that surround us
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