One Month of Quarantine: A Reflection

This is late, but one month in and quarantine has me completely exhausted, drained, and burnt out. Life has changed so much in just one month; it’s crazy. I moved out of my apartment in Tampa and came back home and transitioned to online lectures and online dance classes (which has been BEYOND challenging). The only thing that has been somewhat comfortable to me during this time is knowing that I am not alone in this situation. Everyone I know is being impacted by this in different ways. I have had rough days along with amazing days. I can honestly say though that this experience has definitely taken a toll on me. It has allowed me to balance my life out a little better, breathe, and occupy myself with things that I never had the chance to before. 


The online classes I really don’t like. I spend so much time behind a screen now that social media is not even a freetime activity for me anymore. I am definitely on my phone less (minus the time I spend on Tik Tok, but that is another story). Getting off of my normal routine at UT was the hardest thing for me to adjust but I think I can finally say I am used to being home for school and everything in between. I actually made a calendar and everything with things to do each day of the week and even time-slotted my classes like they’d normally be. That has helped me tremendously! One thing that I am absolutely grateful for is that I am working out everyday. A workout and good run has now become my break from behind the screen and I no longer feel like I am forcing or pushing myself to run. I just get up and do it because I need to get out of the house for a little. The fresh air and the sweat gets me recharged again for the second half of my day. 


Dancing has also been tough for me as I am a dance major as well- I have to keep training. I made some space in my garage and the dance community has grown and connected so beautifully online and on social media. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such passionate and encouraging artists. We are all adjusting to these weird and trying times. Dancing in our given circumstances and spaces is no cup of tea but it has really fueled my passion for my artistry and has opened new perspectives for me in the dance industry.


During my free time I have been reading, learning new dance techniques, slowly starting my own business from the comfort of my laptop, decluttering my room (which I love!!!) and spending quality time with myself and with my family. I think the time to myself is necessary. I have nothing against socializing but I really needed this time to get my thoughts, emotions, stresses and desires out, take a deep breath, and restart. This whole thing seems like a giant reset button and I am here for it now (though I wasn’t too thrilled of it before). It was extremely hard adjusting, leaving a place I now started to call home and leaving all my friends and roommates who I didn’t even get to say goodbye to. Through all of this, I am grateful. It has given all of us time to settle, breathe, and look at bigger pictures and issues in the world that need some re-adjusting themselves. 


My heart still feels empty with what is going on in the world, but everyday I try to think about the positives and I count my blessings. Each day I am using my time to better myself and my skills. The world better watch out for when it reopens!