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Nostalgia Alert: The Childhood Items We Should Bring Back

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

There is nothing more nostalgic than reminiscing about your favorite childhood items. As we grow up, we don’t always take time to remember the things that made us who we are. Trends come and go, our excitement about material items change, and as time goes on, things lose relevance in society and our lives. However, I think it’s important to honor our past, and as I’m approaching my college graduation, that is exactly what I’m going to do. I’m sure we’ve all forgotten about some of these items, but I’m sure we can agree that these were important in our 2000s childhood and could even be useful to us now.

Nintendo DS

My inner child is screaming, thinking about sitting in my room texting my roommates on Pictochat. Pictochat was the Snapchat of our childhoods, and using my pink DS as a way to communicate with my roommates would be iconic. In a bad mood? Just send a sad face to your roommates so they know to keep their distance. You want to go get dinner? Draw a fork, knife, and a question mark and send it right into chat room A. Along with Pictochat, your DS can fulfill many other needs as a college student. One of my struggles living away from home is missing my dogs. What could possibly fill the void? Nintendogs — only the best game ever invented that will help me satisfy all of my dog’s needs. 


Heely’s were the invention of the century; it’s a sneaker, roller skate, and skateboard all in one. As a child, I didn’t get put in time out for misbehaving; I got my Heely’s taken away for a day. Those shoes were attached to my feet in elementary school, and there is a good reason for that. Not only are they stylish, but the built-in wheels make walking ten times more fun than the average experience. I would be lying if I said I didn’t still have them in my closet at home in hopes of a Heely’s resurgence. If we brought Heely’s back, no one would be late for class, and the “hot girl Heely” could replace the “hot girl walk”.

Zoo Pals Plates

Zoo Pals Plates were animal-themed plates that helped my mom trick me into thinking grilled chicken and asparagus were the best meal ever. Zoo Pals were a staple in my childhood, making meals exciting and enjoyable no matter what was on the plate. Fast forward to now, two of the most tedious tasks in my life are making dinner and doing the dishes. If the Zoo Pals Plates made a comeback, we wouldn’t have to worry about doing dishes, and we also wouldn’t have to worry about our food touching the sauce on our plate — the two ears serve as the perfect sauce holders. The Zoo Pals are a true rare vintage item at this point, as they are being sold on EBay for $158.99. Go get yours before prices go up!

Our childhoods were filled with items that brought us joy and memories that we carry with us to this day. Let’s honor our past, embrace the nostalgia that comes with it, and bring back the Nintendo DS, Heely’s, and Zoo Pals Plates!

I am an advertising and public relations major and I have always had a passion for writing! I love all things outdoors, trying new things, and traveling!