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My Senior Year Bucket List

My first semester of my senior year is here! I cannot believe these past four years have flown by! Honestly, as cliché as it sounds, college has been the best four years of my life. I joined my dream sorority my freshman year, have fallen in love with both of my majors, and been about as involved on campus as I ever dreamed I could be. I never want college to end, but alas, it must. But before it ends, it seems only customary to make a senior bucket list. There’s only 8 so far, but subject to change of course.


1. Don’t say no to anything within reason.

                  I’m planning a big trip to Disneyland in December so I’m really trying to save money for that, but I still feel like while I’m in Tampa I should live it up. So far this semester I’ve gone on two Disney trips with some of my best friends and decided to see Kendrick Lamar at the last minute. Saying yes to everything doesn’t always mean spending money, it’s more about the experience and the possibility of never experiencing the same thing again.


2. Go to my favorite local bar with my favorite people as often as possible.

                  Does this really need explaining? Endless happy hours with my very best friends!


3. Take full advantage of all the organizations that I’m involved in.

                  Any organization that anyone is involved in on campus holds seemingly endless opportunities. Before you’re a senior, make sure to take full advantage of these opportunities! I’ve always been really involved with my sorority, but put my other organizations on the back burner for it but now it’s my opportunity to make up for lost time.


4. Get an awesome internship.

                  Any internship would be awesome, tbh.


5. Go on a splendid spring break vacation.

                  My freshman year, I took an epic spring break trip to Jamaica with three of my friends so it seems fitting that I round out my senior year with an even more epic spring break trip. I’m thinking Key West?


6. Pick up a new hobby.

                  (This sounds more like a New Year’s Resolution, amiright?)

7. Go on a few day trips.

                  Cocoa Beach, Hard Rock Casino, Bok Tower Gardens, Legoland, the list goes on.


8. Make an absolutely amazing graduation cap that will rival my greatest friend’s

                  Disney? Beyonce? Drake? I still have 8 months to figure it out.

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