Moods We’ve all had… en el Salon

Let's jump right into it...

Cuando the lady washes your hair and gives you a shower too.

and then you try to play it off like it was just a little drop. 

Intensely watching the lady work on your rolos and judging each one. 

and then calling out the ones she messed up.

When the power on the hairdryer kicks in and you start feeling the heat on your face, neck, and back. 

and then someone comes by and asks if the temperature is okay, but you know, that they know DAMN well it's BLAZING hot in there. 

But when you finally get out of the secador

and you wait so long for your lady that the rolos start falling off. 

The feeling of the blowdryer on your face. 

When the hairdresser finishes blowdrying and shows off the bounce.

Passing by the girls who are waiting to get their blowouts with your finished look. 

Rocking that tubi home with confidence because you know that blowout is FRESH.

What do you love (or hate) about getting your blowouts? Leave a comment down below or let me know on IG (@aemiliatertia) if I missed anything.


This article was previously published on Aemilia Writes A Lot