The Moment I Knew I Was Awake

I had a spiritual awakening in 2018. I was going through the darkest time in my life, dealing with depression, and reaching the end of a relationship that had really dulled me. My health was deteriorating both physically and mentally, but then things started changing.

The catalyst was my discovery of the Law of Attraction. I learned that my thoughts create my reality. Looking back on it, I can’t believe I ever used to accept the things I didn’t like about my life. I manifested myself out of my lowest point, lost thirty depression pounds, started talking to my spirit guides, and felt real happiness for the first time in my entire life. 

I started strengthening my intuition, learning how to protect my energy as an empath, and I developed a strong meditation practice. Auras became clearer to me, my third eye opened in April of 2020, and I started truly understanding myself and others without having to dig so deep-- it was natural knowledge. The old beliefs I held about the universe fell apart, and I started seeing past the spiderwebs and into reality. My awakening process has been speeding up since the day it started, and while I know it will never stop, there was one moment I knew I was truly awake. 

I was looking out my kitchen window in December of 2020, and I saw two little birds flying around. They looked like they were having so much fun, and it was so sweet. In that moment, I felt no separation between myself and them. I felt the joy and playfulness that they embodied in that moment. I believed that I was those birds. They came from the same energy source as me, and were made up of the same God-consciousness. It was a simple truth in that moment that they were made of the same energy as me, but incarnated into different realities. This was the first time I ever had a thought like this. There was no separation between myself or any other living thing. We were all God in different forms, existing to experience life from every angle and perspective. This is the moment I was sure I was awake. 

Spirituality has been clouded by many sources, and has been made into a trend. The collective has been made to believe that crystals and incense are required to be “woke.” There is an invisible hierarchy of who is the most spiritual, but to me, this is all just a part of the matrix we are escaping. We are all on a path to eventually wake up, and these are just little obstacles that we will eventually see past. The truth is, there is no hierarchy that determines the superior spiritual being. There is no physical thing that can buy awakening. There is, however, a beautiful connection between you and every living thing in the world. The person who fills your body with the most rage is simply a reflection of yourself. They show you your inner demons. They are you. The tree in your front yard that you walk past each morning is the same-- made of one God-consciousness, here to experience life from a single incarnation’s perspective. Separation is an illusion. The moment I realized this was the moment I knew that I was awake.