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Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness in the Hispanic Community

Being Hispanic in my eyes is a personal blessing. You get to be a part of a big family, no matter the ethnicity. You can be Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, etc… and you feel a part of it. Many customs and traditions that one culture participates in are universal throughout other ethnicities. My parents are both from Dominican Republic and I am proud to say I am Dominican. 

Being part of the Hispanic community comes with many engraved stereotypes that challenge the 21st century. One topic that I see negative feedback on in the Hispanic community is mental health. I personally have close family members who suffer from depression and anxiety. I can never truly understand what they are going through, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to be understanding, helpful, and extra cautious. I have done my research to ensure I can try my best while helping them through anything. Seeing the first-person point of view, I know that it is not easy. Unfortunately, there are many Hispanics who experience many types of mental disorders. 

Although I truly love my people, the Hispanic community is very corrupt when it comes to accepting change. Mental health disorders have become a more openly discussed topic now, rather than back then. It is very difficult to try to explain to the older Hispanic generation how a mental disorder affects you and makes you feel. I have tried constantly to spread the word to my family members and close friends, but they will not budge. They are set in their own views. I have had friends tell me “depression is not real, it is made up in your head.” They believe that you make yourself suffer from sadness or anxiety. I completely oppose those views. It is absolutely not okay to tell someone that who is coming to you for help when it comes to their mental health. 


 No one talks about the importance of mental health nor addresses how valuable it is. 

As part of the Hispanic community, I think it is our job to discuss different topics about mental disorders to our families and close friends. We need to bring more awareness to it. We need to educate the older generations on what it is and how to help. It is okay if they are still set on their beliefs, but just discussing the topic may change their perspective on it. Mental health is one of the most important topics that many people push to the side. It is our job to inform others how crucial it is. Change will start when one starts spreading the word. 

Hi guys ! Its Kristine. I am currently a Allied Health major on a PA track. I am from New Jersey and have lived there most of my life. I needed a change and some hot weather so I decided to pack my things and make Tampa my new home!
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