Make the Most of Your LinkedIn

Most college students eventually make a LinkedIn, especially in they’re a business student, mainly because someone told them to make one or they heard a professor saying they should have one. While most people have a LinkedIn account, many are not taking advantage of all the perks that are on there to help them make the most of their connections or get more opportunities! Below are some ways to improve your page and get the most out of it. 


1. Make sure your profile is completely filled in 

Take advantage of all the things you can add on your page to enhance the idea of you to others. Make sure you throw in a profile pic, job experience, activities, organizations you’re a part of, important classes you’ve taken, and all of your strongest skills!


2. Connect with people in your Major’s field 

Connections are only super useful if they directly apply to whatever you’re trying to achieve in your career. If you’re a marketing major, connect with marketing professionals and executives at nearby businesses. If you’re a film major, connect with up and coming people in the industry. From there, you can always message any of your connections for advice, job openings, and more. 


3. Check the job section for interesting opportunities 

Even if you aren’t looking for a fulltime job right now they’re lots of things still useful in this section of LinkedIn. There are part time jobs, internships, and even one-time events or things to be a part of, you just gotta check it out and see! 


4. Post on your feed 

The odds of someone seeing your profile go way up when you post about things you’re currently doing. Accomplishments, cool articles you’ve read, or any exciting and innovative school project make for great postings.