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For the amount of times I’ve been hurt

I’m not afraid of pain


The number of lies I’ve heard

The truth doesn’t scare me



I still take a chance at love

Still take a chance with friendships 


The tears I’ve shed could fill olympic swimming pools

Yet, I still laugh


The I hate hundreds of things about me

But I still like some aspects of me


The negative view of myself

NEVER affects how I see others


Wanting and waiting for death

Gets outcompeted by all the things I want to do first


Although life can


    Drain everything from you

    Make you wish for death

    Destroy your soul


There’s still positives

Some of my fav are

    Friends, especially the bros

    Cooking for those I love



But even those can’t chase out all the 




Worrying thoughts

Nothing can get rid of those

Although I wish that they could

However, instead of running

I take them head on

If these 20 years have taught me anything

It’s that I’m stronger


More tenacious 


Then what I give myself credit for 


20 years full of twist and turns

Yet I’m still holding on



That all of my experiences have made me 


That my goals and dreams are possible

That there is life to be lived

Life to thrive in

A life to love

Learning, failing, and growing to become a better person, scientist, and writer. Marine biology major with a passion in the arts and wanting to see and create change.
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