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A List of the Best Villains from Disney’s Animated Movies

Hello! I am a huge Disney fan and almost only watched Disney movies in my spare time. I have had a lot of debates with my friends about who the best Disney villains are. It’s a difficult call because they are all so good in their own ways, but some villains beat out others. The criteria I am going by is their reason for being evil, the amount of evil, and their likable features. The list is in the order I think it should be in, but no solid order because they are all awesome and evil.


10. Madam Mim

I finally got to re-watch the Sword in the Stone recently and took a liking to Madam Mim. She is kooky and playful. She isn’t too evil, but still evil enough to be considered a villain in a Disney movie.

9. Yzma

After reading a Buzzfeed article about how misunderstood Yzma is, I kind of sympathize with her. She has waited on Kuzco hand and foot for years, and he is a brat in the beginning of the movie. So, I would be frustrated too. Emperor’s New Groove is a pretty underrated movie anyway, but it would be nothing without Yzma!

8. Ursula

Ursula is pretty awesome in my opinion. She gave Ariel legs and a pretty good challenge. She has magical powers AND a great song in the movie. The only downfall is that she didn’t scheme smart enough. Poor Unfortunate Soul!

7. Scar

Scar is evil for sure. I still get very emotional during Mufasa’s murder scene. But, he has a bada** song in the Lion King. He runs the Pride Lands into ruins. Smart and cunning, Scar is one of the best villains.

6. Maleficent

Maleficent is bada**. She has a great evil aesthetic going on with the blacks, purples, and greens. Even better, she turns into a huge, fire-breathing dragon at the end of the movie. Ugh #VillainGoals!5. Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is genuinely evil. Convincing a child that she is her real mother for 17 years, chilling. However, “Mother Knows Best” is one of my favorite Disney songs. Mother Gothel has some humor and wit in her. Yeah she’s bad, but she was just looking out for Number One.

4. Dr. Facilier

Dr. Facilier is surely evil. He is the middle man between humans and “the other side.” What makes Dr. Facilier so real is that he is also scared of his friends on the other side. There’s a lot of pressure on him to perform and be evil and such.

3. Shan Yu

Shan Yu is ruthless. He will do whatever it takes to take over China. My heart broke when Li Shang found out about his father’s death. I don’t think there is a non-evil bone in his body. *Shivers*


2. Frollo

I.m.o, Frollo is the most-evil of all the villains. He is cruel, sneaky, and sinister. Frollo’s firm beliefs in religion makes him act so corrupt and awful. Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the best movies for adult Disney movie lovers. So real and emotional, and Frollo is unforgettable.1. Hades

Hades takes the cake for the best Disney movie villains ever. What makes him so great is his dry humor and witty sayings. He even made the original “What are those?” meme famous when Pain was wearing his Hercules shoes. #Iconic. A true bada**

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