Life Lessons from Pixar’s Onward


So yes, I have become an avid Disney + member and binge watcher and I do not regret it! It is such a nice escape, especially during this time! I recently watched Pixar’s new movie Onward and I 10/10 RECOMMEND it. Pixar movies are always a favorite of mine no matter how old I am. They really have a way of getting me into my feels and 100% never regret it. 


This new movie really pulled at my heartstrings. Not just only in the beginning or the end but throughout the entire movie. That’s a pretty big accomplishment. I don’t wanna ruin anything for you but it is basically about these two brothers on a mission/adventure to have the chance to see their late father again for one full day. The humor and the emotions pulled it all together for me, as well as the relatability of having an older sibling to go on adventures with. The additional fictional aspect of magic inspired yet again me to enjoy the little things in life that seem to just happen as miracles (like true magic). And in a time like this, I think we all need a little touch of magic in our lives. The story also really honed in on life, reflecting on those who have shaped you to be who you are in the present. No matter the losses, failures, or disappointments, we should all be very proud of ourselves and how far we have gotten.  


Pixar’s Onward perfectly epitomizes this theme and puts another aspect of life into perspective in such a simple and genuine way. It definitely made me reflect back on my past 20 years and the people who have been with me through most of it. I know it is hard during this time of social distancing and isolation, but really try and find a few minutes in your day to sit down and reflect on the little things you are grateful for. It could be from your family all the way to something simple as a butterfly you see outside. Those little things, especially now, will help all of us get through life in the long run, no matter how bad our present situations may seem.