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Let’s get real with skin 


Disclaimer: If you have hormonal imbalances or suffer from a particular skin condition this article may not apply to you. If you are suffering from acne and don’t have any of the above, this is going to be directed to you and that clear skin that you desire!


I’ve been struggling with acne since the day I thought I needed to use a spot treatment for a small blemish I had when I was thirteen. After that first incidence came many more blemishes. I’ve tried everything and as I got older I got into more expensive stuff. I’ve had two major breakthroughs in my young life, the first one left me with scars on my face and the second one happened recently.


It had been a long time since I had a breakthrough like that and my confidence went down. I didn’t know why it had happened and why it didn’t stop getting worse. I tried everything; sunblock, vitamins, antibiotics, serums, oils, moisturizers, facials… you say it I’ve tried it. And let me tell Y’all, all of those work for nothing! They either made it worse (past the first stage of breakthrough) or made my skin depend on it.


The best way to treat our skin is with patience, good diet, and gentleness. I got so frustrated with the expenses of products that didn’t show results… that I stopped using them. I asked girls with perfect skin what they used and they all shared the same thing: not more than two, that being face soap and the occasional toner. I also wondered that many companies don’t want to lose money so they can’t possibly create a perfect product, so what product is perfect? The answer— nature.

My routine completely shifted from 6 products to only 3; face soap, toner, and one time a week homemade exfoliator and let me tell you my skin has never improved as quickly and actually stay nice even if I miss using my routine products! I also cut down on makeup. I love makeup but what also helped was to let my bare face be exposed! I sometimes did my eyes only but never touched my cheeks or forehead with makeup, I only applied a full face when I went out. This took a lot from me as I felt embarrassed about my skin but it also helped me build my confidence; sort of like “yes this is my face, deal with it”. I also thanked God for the progress and told myself every morning that I was beautiful even if I felt ashamed. (I still thank God and tell myself I’m beautiful in the mirror each morning). Now I wear my bare face more often and find myself even more beautiful!


My skin is oily when it’s humid and hot and dry when it’s dry and cold, it goes from extremes to extremes. 


My routine. 

•Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser (warm water first, then circle around the soap, and then take it off with cold water)

•Witch Hazel Toner

•Dry off with a separate towel, I switch it every week or every other week so I have tons of face towels in my house!

•Sugar, Lemon, and Honey exfoliator once a week. 



Extra tips:

•Whenever my skin is dry I don’t tone.

•When I get a bump I take a towel in warm water and press it on the bump, this works like magic and brings it down quick! 

•Don’t touch your face! Don’t pop your pimples! I only pop blackheads but if you don’t know what you are doing just let it be! Trust me, it will scar you!

•Don’t touch your face, don’t put your hands on your face or rest your face on your hands! You have tons of bacteria on your hands.


That’s it. 

I invite you to cut down on the essential oils, the serums, the moisturizer etc. and stay with basic easy routines. Eat healthier and drink enough water.

My full name is Melanie Di Candelaria Lopez. I was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I have two siblings, I am the middle one. I love sports and keeping myself active. I have been a volleyball player for over 14 years. I have exceptional artistic abilities. I love philosophy. I am very optimistic. I am studying marine biology. I am in love with the ocean, I always say it to be my first love.
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