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By: Kendra Geatz

Halloween is a beloved holiday for many people. It is a day that many use to step out of their comfort zone and get creative. I have always loved Halloween and thinking of costume ideas, whether it be an already put-together costume or something I took out of my closet and added a few things to. Most of these costumes are not limited to their category, you can do them as individual, duo, or group costumes. 


  • Newsflash
    • This one is really simple and you might even have all of the materials for it. My mom sent me this one, it’s just putting newspaper over your clothes, and you can get creative with this part. With some sort of coat over, so when you open the coat, you get ‘newsflash’.
  • Tough cookie
    • I also think this one is simple, you need boxing gloves and you can create the cookie out of paper or cardboard easily and attach it to either your shirt or attach it to a headband and wear it like that. BAM! You’re a tough cookie.
  • Greek Goddess/God
    • This one can either be generic or specific with what you choose. You can wear a bedsheet as a toga and that is a super simple greek god/goddess. You can also pick a specific God/ Goddess (Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athena are some examples) but these are a little more difficult to show exactly which one you are, so keep that in mind. 
  • Squid Game Players or Supervisor
    • Everybody has been obsessed with Squid Game, and this would be pretty simple, for the players you can get a green tracksuit and print/write numbers and attach it to the tracksuit. For the supervisors, you can use a pink tracksuit and you can create the mask portion by cutting out a shape and attaching it to your face, or you can also use face paint to create the shape, so you can still see easily, or you can find a mask similar.
  • Where’s Waldo
    • I have done this one in the past and it was super simple and cheap to get. You need a red and white striped shirt, a red and white striped hat, and glasses. You could wear whatever kind of pants you prefer since he wears jeans. He does have a cane, but it is still easily recognizable without it.


  • Thing 1 and Thing 2
    • This one can be done super simply by using paper and cutting a circle with “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” and attaching them to red shirts. That is easily recognizable, if you want to step it up, you could buy blue wigs. You can also buy a red onesie and put the paper on those, with or without the wigs as well.
  • Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man
    • This costume is still easy but it will require a little bit more materials. Barnacle Boy requires a red shirt, black shorts, a white hat (not required), a neck scarf, blue gloves, and shoes. For Mermaid Man you will need an orange shirt, black shorts, green leggings, and gloves. You can DIY the belt and the shells and use face paint/makeup for the purple starfish.
  • Wanda and Cosmo
    • This duo is also relatively simple to recreate. Their outfits are really simple with Wanda wearing a yellow top and black pants and Cosmo wearing a white button-up with a black tie and black pants. You can DIY their crowns and wands, or buy them for cheap. The only aspect we are missing now is their iconic hair colors. You can either use wigs or use temporary hair color for it. 
  • Milk and Cookies
    • This one can be super simple or more difficult. The simplest way is having milk wear all white and either putting a milk sign or even a straw. Cookie wearing all brown with “chocolate chip” spots. If you look up “milk and cookie costume” you will see more 3D outfits, which you can also DIY. 


  • Mystery Gang
    • This group is iconic and easily recognizable. It would also be simple to recreate since they wear normal clothes and you mainly would just have to match the color. If you have a dog this would be perfect since they can be scooby, if you do not have a dog, scooby is also easy to dress as. A few years ago, I was scooby and my brother was shaggy and it was super easy to recreate.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • This one is also pretty simple, you can wear all green, have colored bandanas for their knee and elbow pads, and use face paint for the masks. If you have a fifth person, you can add April O’Neil into the mix, she is also easy to recreate with her yellow shirt and denim shorts.
  • Superheroes/Supervillains
    • This option has endless options since there are so many, you can keep it generic or you can make it more specific with doing Marvel or DC, comic or movie, etc. This is what my friend group is doing this year, we chose Supervillains. The costumes are pretty easy to find or recreate. I found most of my items on amazon for cheap, so did most of my friends. 
  • M&M’s
    • I think this one is the easiest since all it requires is one color and an “m”. This one can also be done with as many people as you want since there are so many colors you could choose from and you can expand from the classic colors. The “m” is also simple to make from paper and can be easily attached to the outfit.
  • “Spice” Girls
    • While you can do the girl group, I think “ Spice” Girls is funnier and easier, plus you can add as many as you want. You can wear any colors you would like and just add a picture of a spice bottle. That’s it. Spice Girls.
Kendra Geatz Cybersecurity major at the University of Tampa I am passionate about animals, music, nature, and the beach
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