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K & S Radio Show Profile on Sydney J. Taylor

For those who may not know, the University of Tampa has a radio station (WUTT) in North Walker Hall where students participate and have their own radio shows. One of these shows is the K & S (Khadijah and Sydney) Show. I met with Sydney Taylor asked her about the show.



Alondra: Tell me a bit about yourself

Sydney: I’m 22 years old, a senior, an RA in McKay Hall, and my major is Communications.


Alondra: Who’s the “K” in the K & S?

Sydney: Her name’s Khadijah Khan, she’s 21 years old, a senior, and her major is journalism.



Alondra: Why did you decide to do this radio show?

Sydney: Truthfully, it was a class requirement (COM 250).


Alondra: What topics do you talk about here?

Sydney: Anything that comes to mind. It could be about pop culture, UT events, etc. We just started a segment called Alternative Facts, and it’s basically like two truths and a lie.


Alondra: What kind of music is normally played?

Sydney: I just play the Top 40 Hits.


Alondra: Do you enjoy being a part of this show?

Sydney: I do as it’s very relaxing and it’s what I want to do in life so its practice for the future. Also it’s a beneficial way to find out what’s going on in UT and its very fun to interview people when we get the chance to.



Alondra: What’s your favorite thing about being a part of this show?

Sydney: I don’t think I have just one thing in particular; I just love being a part of this show, as it is enjoyable.


Alondra: When and where can people hear you?

Sydney: Thursdays from 7-9 pm on WUTT 1080AM or online at wutt.ut.edu


Alondra: Why should people tune in to your show?

Sydney: Well, it’s a fun way to find out what’s happening on campus and to get UT and celebrity gossip. We also give genuine feedback about what’s going on in the world with debates, so it’s a helpful way to find out about news and to listen and formulate different perspectives about it.

Straight from the island of Puerto Rico, Alondra Vidal Díaz flew to Tampa, Florida to study in the University of Tampa. As a college student with a major in political science and minor in finance, Alondra not only likes math and politics, she also loves films, activism, tostones and basketball. And she has a fire soundcloud playlist, you should ask her about it. Twitter and Instagram: @syrerican
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