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Is the Comfort Zone of Your Childhood Home Gone?

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By: Alexis Duffy

Growing up and graduating from high school is a big step to take in your life. But, a more considerable step is to move out to college. Leaving the house you grew up in and finding a new bedroom can be difficult. A dorm room can seem positive or negative. But, you move in and start a big part of your life with strangers. How are you supposed to feel at home then?  

You will realize that you will be moving in and out, in and out of different places in these next few years, whether it’s a dorm room, an apartment, or even a house. Your home bed is not your home place anymore. Yes, of course, it will always be your childhood bed, but now you must settle in multiple locations while making life-changing choices.  

Creating a new life is difficult, but once you become comfortable and find your flow, you will be feeling home in no time.  

College Living 

The dorm room is a place you will never forget. You experience meeting new friends, a new way of schooling, and a new life while living in this first-year dorm room. It can become stressful adapting to your new way of life, so you will want your room to feel like a safe place.   

Once you follow these steps, you will be in the process of making your room feel like home. 

  • Pin up pictures from home of loved ones 
  • Decorate with your favorite colors  
  • Use references on Pinterest 
  • Hang décor lighting 
  • Find a comfy chair 
  • Bring some of your favorite things from home 
  • Have a blanket 
  • Play music 
  • Let the sun shine in

After your first or second year of college, you could move into an apartment. At this time, you may or may not be fully adjusted to the college lifestyle. Things may have changed in your life, college may be getting more complex, or you feel lost in this crucial time. Once again, you must leave your childhood home to move back to college. 

 Leaving your childhood home time after time is a difficult concept to process. You may never call that bed home again. You won’t find your home bed for a while because you are going through changes and growth this time of your life. You adapt and learn from your educational experience in these years. You will be moving around for a while until you settle with a job and find a home to live in. The most important thing you can do is to make the process fun. Have a good time decorating your temporary housing for the next few years. Do the things you love in your place to get that homey feeling. It will all be okay. It is all a part of your adventure. 

I am double majoring in communications and advertising & public relations. I have been a creative person all my life, so why not put my interesting thoughts somewhere!
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