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I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E Do Ya Know What That Means?


College is amazing for one simple reason: NO PARENTS! Sorry mom and dad, but you can no longer ask us where we are going 24/7 and treat us like children. Although we may not act like adults all the time, we are grown women. Scary, I know. Here are our favorite reasons why having independence in college is the greatest thing ever!

You don’t have to fake sick to miss school.

Remember in high school when you would have to think of an excuse of why you shouldn’t go to school? Your parents would sometimes believe you, but other times you were out of luck and had to go. In college you are the one who decides if you go to class. Are you feeling “sick?” No worries, no excuse is needed. Just roll over and go back to sleep. Marketing class can wait.

You can have ice cream for breakfast.

You never need an excuse to have Dairy Queen, even in the morning. We all can admit we have waited in Stadium, or Morsani as the freshman call it, promptly at 11 am for Dairy Queen to open. Sorry mom, but if you think I’m not going to try the blizzard of the month every month than you are wrong. And by try it every month, I mean try it numerous times each month. Yum!


You can have numerous dates with Netflix.

Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill is always going to be waiting for you just a few clicks away. Who cares if you stay in your room all weekend and watch Netflix? Oh right, your parents. Once you start to tell them about your fantasy wedding with fictional characters they start to get concerned. They also wonder why you never have a real date. Hate to break it to you dad, but Netflix will forever be my number one.

You make your own curfew.

If you want to go to Papa Johns one night for a midnight snack who will stop you? No one! At home your parents tell you they can’t sleep without knowing you are home safely and all that nonsense. Which means they want you home by a certain time to make sure you are safe. In college we go out and come home on our own time, not our parents. Live a little and pull an all nighter…because who will stop you?

Whether it’s being yelled at because you are spending too much time with your friends, going out too late, coming home too late, or whatever else you get in trouble for, our parents will always be there for us. We all want our independence but we know that our parents are just trying to look out for us!  Make sure you are nice to them because they are still helping you and they raised you! Until then, enjoy your freedom because once its time for summer it is back to rules on rules on rules on rules. 

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