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I’m a December Graduate, So Why Haven’t I Had a Meltdown Yet?

I’m graduating in three weeks. I’m graduating in three weeks. I’m graduating in three weeks. It keeps going through my head, but for some reason the idea doesn’t scare the heck out of me. All the seniors around me are starting to freak out. Even my friends not graduating until May keep bringing up how they need a job and a way to pay for a Tampa apartment. So, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m so relaxed; it’s scary.

I’d like to think that being cool as a cucumber chalks up to the “extreme dedication” I’ve put into my education over the last three and a half years. I am graduating an entire semester early. That’s saying something. I took all the right classes. So, I feel prepared for getting a job in the criminology field, and I even completed my internship with the county sheriff’s office this week, so I’ve networked a lot. I don’t have a job lined up quite yet, but I feel very prepared for when that comes.

BUT, I know my hard work is not really the reason I feel so calm. Honestly, it’s more or less because I have parents who support me like crazy. It took some convincing, but they are helping me pursue my goals and move to Tampa. They have sent me countless packages of apartment necessities like dishes, a vacuum, and even a bed and mattress. They’re helping me pay for an apartment until I get my feet on the ground (which I am not taking for granted), and they’re sending me job opportunities and words of advice everyday. I can’t thank them enough. They keep me sane.

So here’s to the rest of us December grads. Just remember that you can do everything you put your little mind to, and you are fabulous. You’re doing amazing sweetie!! xoxo

Kayla Brown is a Senior at UT. Majoring in criminology, she one day hopes to do something badass af. While Kayla is not writing for Her Campus or studying for class, you can find her hanging with her sorority sisters, watching This is Us, or eating Kraft mac and cheese.
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