I Don’t Sweat, I SPARKLE

I hope you guys are into this trend as much as I am, because I am completely obsessed with sparkling water. Yes, I gave into the fad, and I’m not ashamed of it! Over the summer I was on a mission to try most of the brands in grocery stores and figure out which one was my favorite, from its flavor, looks, and how the brands marketed their products. I tried and tested La Croix, Kirkland from Costco, Bubly, and San Pellegrino.


I was already a fan of San Pellegrino, hands down the lemon one is where it’s at! But I tried to open my horizon on other flavors and brands. After trying these brands and some various others, I have to say that Bubly is ultimately my go-to and favorite brand of sparkling water!


I am in-love with everything about the brand. The colors of the packaging, the commercials, and of course the variety and amazing taste of all the available flavors!!

The Packaging:

As simple as it is, I think the packaging is so bold and simple- it’s nothing but attractive. I absolutely adore the little smiley face on the box and on the cans as it replaces the “U” letter shape. It’s modern and does the job to attract buyers. One thing that makes the cans totally unique is the little messages written on the tab on the top of the can. They have cute notes like “Hey” or “Hi there.” I think those little messages personalize and make the drink more fun. The drink aims to make you happy, and I know it does for me. Their tagline on the box says it all, “No calories, no sweeteners, all smiles.” That is really emphasized through their packaging and branding and that is one reason why I will consistently buy their products.

The Flavors:

I really admire the variety of flavors that Bubly has. From mango to raspberry to peach, they really have a choice for everyone’s taste. The flavors aren’t too strong, being subtle that leaves you satisfied with the lingering taste. My personal favorites are the mango and the blackberry. I haven’t gotten around to trying all as of yet but I am sure they won’t disappoint!

The Genius Commercials:

For me, commercials and products have to advertise EXTREMELY well for me to actually go out and purchase them. And that is exactly what this company did. The first time I saw an advertisement for them was on YouTube with a commercial featuring none other than Michael Bublé himself!  It was funny, creative, and genius in my opinion with how they marketed their brand with Michael’s last name. It was perfect! An artist that many people love drinking a drink that could “potentially” be his.... that’s a win-win right there.


The other commercial I saw on TV was during this summer. What attracted me was the song at first, “Tell Me You Love Me” by Galantis. That song was definitely on repeat for my summer playlist... all because their commercial introduced me to it. The cans then did a dance with the music, showcasing their bright colors, along with the simplicity of their drink and confidence that one sip would make you smile. And that is exactly what it did!


Hands down, Bubly is my favorite sparkling water drink during this trend for seltzer water. I loved everything about the drink inside and out, and you should too! If you haven’t tried it as of yet, I recommend you do and let me know what you think!