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Listen, if anyone knows how hard it is to feel motivated to do something, it's me. I struggle a lot with procrastination and time management, but throughout the years, I've been able to manage it to the point where I can succeed at these things. Here are my tips for getting motivated to achieve whatever you need to achieve.

  1. Get a buddy

Getting a buddy to join you in whatever goal you have is a great way to create support and accountability for yourself  

  1. Vision board/set your goals

Making your goal clearly physically visible to yourself is a great motivator to see what your hard work is going towards. 

  1. Journal

Journaling, in general, is a great tool for self-care and self-reflection, but it works especially well when you have a goal in mind. You can tangibly see your progress and how you can change to reach your goal. It'll motivate you to get closer to said goal because you're seeing your progress in real-time not only that, but you are also reading back on how much this goal means to you. If anything, you gotta reach it because you owe it to your future self!

  1. Buy things

Now I know that we are college students, but we can still be balling on a budget. Buying things for your goal is a great way to feel good about working for this objective. You feel like you have to get up and work because now money is invested, and you can't let that go to waste!

  1. Take your time

In this day and age we  constantly feel rushed. We feel rushed by our society. We think there is a ‘right' and a 'wrong' time to do things; news flash, there isn’t. You are you so you should run on your own time. It doesn't matter if the goal you want to reach is taking you longer than 3 months, and it took someone else 2 weeks. Setting goals already comes with pressures and stresses; don't let time be another one. Just breathe through it and take things one step at a time.

Alondra is a bright, smiley, cow-loving student majoring in Psychology and minoring in both biology and philosophy. She is also a pharmacy technician and hopes to one day become a doctor. On her day to day she is running from one place to another and being vocal about her activism. Alondra tends to be a busy bee and also a social butterfly. When she's not busy you will find her in a hammock and hanging out with her friends or family. She is also a proud puertorican, a libra , a Halloween fanatic and a mom to a lovely pitbull mix named Bella Rose
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