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How to Stop Your Roommate from Listening to Christmas Music IN OCTOBER

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

So you may be stuck in a stop, like myself, where your roommate loves the winter holidays, but you’re a much bigger fan of fall, and more specifically Halloween. Here are some tips dedicated to helping them adjust their timeline.

  1. Show them a calender
  2. Hack into their Spotify and edit their playlist
  3. Decorate your apartment in spooky stuff
  4. Take down the Christmas lights in their room
  5. Have the aroma of apple cider in the air
  6. Hide their Hot Cocoa and Cream candle
  7. Throw a pumpkin at them
  8. Play Halloween movies on repeat until you give up on November 1st
Caity Berk, Former Campus Correspondents, is a current Senior at the University of Tampa, studying Marine Science & Biology with a minor in Environmental Sciences. She loves onion rings, dark chocolate, and empowering women. When she finally decides to grow up, Caity wants to work with people and help them understand the importance of the natural resources that surround us