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How to Make a Vision Board

Yesterday I found myself in a frantic struggle between trying to finish up my Organic Chemistry lab and wanting to get at least two hours of sleep. On the verge of a breakdown, I stopped what I was doing and looked to the wall in front of me. I had filled that wall with pictures of quotes and the goals that I wanted to achieve. After a good minute, I breathed in and reminded myself that trying to be a doctor is not easy and that this Organic Chemistry lab is just another tiny step towards achieving that.

Vision boards are meant to keep you motivated and to remind you of what you are working for every single day. I feel like that constant reminder will ultimately help me work on achieving my goals because it helps me visualize them. In this article, I wanted to share the steps I took toward creating my vision board.

  1. Set a Goal

    Whether it is traveling, a career, getting fit and healthy, or simply just getting through college, set a goal that you might want to base your vision board on. You can also ask yourself how you see yourself in 5 years and base your board on that.

  2. Look for pictures

    Now that you have an idea of what you want, start searching for pictures that remind you of those things. Tip: Make a new folder and label it vision board so that you can save all the pictures in one place.

  3. Arrangement, Printing and Colors

    When choosing your pictures try to stick to a color scheme that matches your room decor. When you are satisfied with the amount of pictures you collected arrange them in your desired size and print. If you want to go that extra mile you can go to Walgreens and have them print it.

  4. Cutting and Placing

    If you printed out your pictures you might have to go through the process of cutting them, but if you had them printed for you, then you’re ready to place and arrange them. When you have all your pictures ready set them on a table and arrange them in a way that you like and feel like it gives off the vibe that you want.

  5. Put it up on the wall

    You can get pretty creative here with the placement of your photos or where you actually put the photos. You can buy a small bulletin board and pin them or you can do a clothespin display and decorate it with firefly lights. The sky’s the limit!

Claudia is a sophomore at The University of Tampa. As a Bio major on the Pre-Med track she's got her head buried in books most of the time. When she's not studying Darwin's theory of evolution and calculating the yield of chemical reactions she loves to do anatomical sketches, take pictures for her IG, write short stories and get involved in as much volunteer work as she can. Being Puerto Rican she's got a lot of drive and passion that she puts towards her goal of becoming a Neonatal surgeon.
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