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How To Make the BEST Eggs

So, let me preface this with EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY THESE EGGS! I have never liked eggs in my life, until I tried these. When I moved into my dorm at UT, there was a breakfast place in my building that everyone said had the most amazing egg bowls. And, since I was a cheerleader, I had morning workouts, and it was the only place open on the side of campus I live on. I decided one day to take the courageous step to try it with my roommate (dramatic, I know, but I mean I have never liked eggs). Oh. My. Goodness. My life had been changed. Unfortunately, coronavirus took over the world so I had to move home…what was I going to do without egg bowls in the morning? Then I figured I should just make them at home. Here’s my recipe (more like the University of Tampa’s recipe) for the best eggs. Quick disclaimer: all of these ingredients are optional to fit dietary restrictions and likes.


What You Need

 Eggs (2-3)


Olive Oil

Red Onions, diced

Green Onions, chopped



Bacon Bits

Cheddar Cheese




What To Do

  1. Turn on your stove and add olive oil to the pan

  2. Add in the red onions, green onions, spinach, and garlic. Add these all to taste. I prefer lots of onion of both kinds, a couple leaves of spinach, and about a teaspoon of garlic.

  3. Then, while sauteing, crack your eggs in a separate bowl, I usually eat two, and add about 2 fluid ounces of milk in that bowl

  4. Mix the contents of the bowl, breaking yolks, and combining milk

  5. Next, pour in the egg-milk mixture into the pan, let sit for a minute

  6. Add cheese, bacon bits, and pepper (and salt if that is what you like, I do not like salt in my eggs)

  7. Scramble eggs until ~perfection~

  8. Enjoy like you’re in Morsani at 8 in the morning

Mackenzie is currently a junior at The University of Tampa studying Sport Management and International Relations. She is originally from Kailua, Hawai'i, but graduated high school in Stuttgart, Germany. Her passions include travel, travel, travel! She also loves to watch the USWNT win world cups and Simone Biles do triple doubles. Wanna follow her adventures around the globe? Follow her on Instagram - @mackenzie.cooper
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