How to Maintain Your Spring Break Body During Vacation

Spring break is one of the happiest times of the year for us students. However, all the hard work we put in to look our best, fit into our best clothes or bikinis and of course take that fire Instagram should not go to waste! There are simple ways to maintain your hard work while on vacation and even beyond.

“All inclusive” does not mean you must fill up your stomach capacity every meal. Instead, pick out sensible food groups that will not leave you super bloated. Try to get as much protein as you can: eggs, meats, etc. and in reasonable amounts. Avoid bread, sweets, and pasta as much as possible, but also indulge here and there since you do deserve it! One plate full should satisfy you until your next meal without snacking.

Exercise for ten minutes in your room! There are a plethora of super quick and easy workouts on Instagram and Pinterest you can do to maintain your abs or booty. Some of them you can even do while you lay in bed! Or even walking on the beach for 20 minutes while the sun sets or rises is great cardio. Swimming is another way to simultaneously burn some calories while having a good time. Incorporating some leg kicks or arm pull-ups can add a boost as well!

DRINK WATER!!!! This is so important especially with heavy drinking in the sun. Water can help flush out toxins from drinking and eating. Plus, it really helps your skin stay flawless