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On Friday, November 12th, Taylor Swift is releasing her Red album under her own name and with new tracks from the vault. For every Swiftie worldwide, this is going to have us in tears. Not only are we getting a 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ (Taylor’s version), but we also get songs with Phoebe Bridgers and the official release of ‘Ronan’ (get the tissues ready!) In preparation for it, here is what I am doing: 

  1. To start off, I am most definitely fueling my hate for Jake Gyllenhaal. While Red was one of my favorite albums, this man really did a number on Taylor Swift. I cannot wait to see what memes Swifties come up with for Red (Taylor’s Version)
  2. I’m honestly probably going to need a few tissues. With songs like ‘Ronan,’ ‘The Moment I Knew,’ and ‘I Almost Do,’ I will most definitely be tearing up over how far Taylor has come from these moments but also just the sad backgrounds of these songs. I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal missing Taylor’s 21st birthday when everyone was expecting him to show up and getting the masterpiece that is ‘The Moment I Knew’ will bring me to tears, as would any song about getting stood up on my birthday. 
  3. However, I will be preparing to sing along to her more upbeat songs such as ‘22’ (a classic in my opinion) and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’ How can one not jam out to these songs? Especially my friends who are 22 and are officially in their “Taylor Swift Year.” 

If someone does see me on November 12th, I hope they know that I am only going to be talking about Red (Taylor’s Version) and only that. I am reverting back to my 2012 self and listening to the album just like how that version of myself did: singing at the top of my lungs and hating Jake Gyllenhaal.

Anna is a new member of the Tampa chapter of Her Campus. Originally from Minnesota, Anna decided to explore more of the world and move to Tampa, Florida to further her education. She is currently a junior studying sports management and Spanish.
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