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How to Get Your Life Together- Advice from a Capricorn

Hello, gorgeous!

Since it’s midterms week, I thought I’d take a break from Witchcraft 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the Craft and offer a few Capricorn tips and tricks on organizing and scheduling your busy life for maximum confidence and no stress. **These are my personal scheduling tips, perfected over the years. These habits have decreased my stress by tons and helped me achieve straight As!

1. If you haven’t bought a planner already, what are you even doing?

No, but seriously. Having a trusty planner you can write down all assignments, appointments, important dates, etc. is KEY to keeping organized and stressless.

The important part is to actually fill it in and CHECK it! It can’t help you unless you use it (somewhat) regularly. My planner is my bible and I use it for everything! Not just assignments and whatnot. 

I swear by HappyPlanner because it has special pages for writing down goals, thoughts, and your favorites of the month! (foods, places, movies, etc.) They also sell planner stickers to jazz up your pages! If you’re not a sit-down-and-write-everything-down person, there’s free phone planner apps! These are especially helpful because they can set alarms or catch your attention when there’s something important to do.

2. Make a master To-Do list

At the beginning of each week, sit down and make a blocked out to-do list of  everything that MUST be done on the day it needs to be done. I use the Do/Due system, for example:


Do: call mom, email writing professor, Science Chapter 3 quiz

Due: Essay #2 & science project

I’ve found that having a single source of what is due on each day of the week has helped me adjust to a college workload and maintain 18 credit hours.

3. Schedule self-care!

In today’s world of hustle culture, we constantly let ourselves forget our physical or mental health. Having a no-exceptions scheduled time to destress or do something that makes you happy and feel good is just as important as getting your homework done on time. Even if it’s just 2 hours a week, PLEASE! You deserve it and your mental health will thank you. 

4. Take a step back & get a new perspective

It’s okay to be overwhelmed. Take a few deep breaths and prioritize. 

Can something be put on hold so you can make time for yourself?

As always, I wish you the best and I hope a few of these tips work for you! Love Eternal.


Capricorn ☀️ Gemini ? Taurus ? Maryanna is a freshman Art Therapy major at the University of Tampa. She loves all things wellness, spirituality and the metaphysical lifestyle. You can often find her in the park painting pictures of cows, or on Instagram @maryanna__bee. Blessed Be!