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How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

I have been living the single life for the vast majority of my Valentine’s Days. While it is nice to be surprised with a rose by your partner on this special holiday about love, there are a lot of perks to being single on the day of the year dedicated to relationships and baes.  


You can buy yourself chocolates and flowers – or better yet buy them for a friend

Chocolates/flowers/cards are awesome, that is why people give them to each other on Valentine’s Day. But who says you need to be in a romantic relationship to give or receive them? This holiday is all about the people you love, and there are many types of love – like the love you feel for your friends and family. The best part about Valentine’s Day is that the next day most chocolate is 70% off! Score!


It is an opportunity to practice self-love

On the day dedicated to love, don’t forget to be kind and love yourself. If you have been dying to watch a particular show on Netflix, but haven’t quite found the time, allow yourself one night to just binge watch. If you love to go hiking, go for a nice long hike. If you want to eat ten Oreos in one sitting – live with no regrets!

Throw a Galentine’s event with your friends!

Just because you are single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you are alone. Grab your girls and catch a movie, hit the clubs, or go out to dinner!


No matter how you spend the day, it is important to remember that you are already a complete person whether you are in a relationship or are single

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