Her Conference Recap

A week later, and I’m still high. Not from drugs, but from the infectious energy Her Conference 2018 had. A whole 2 days dedicated to meeting and networking with boss ladies of all industries and personal interests, surrounded by girls that looked like me, had dreams like me, were looking for more out of life- like me. It was a surreal experience, certainly one I did not expect.


When I first joined Her Campus, I was looking for my Carrie Diaries type moment. I won’t lie; I was struggling. I felt like I was not doing enough for my (future) career, or even my personal life. In fact, I distinctly remember appearing at the first meeting still in tears over the fact that I was close to failing a class, had just been dumped (and right before Valentine’s Day!) and homesickness was hitting me hard. But that meeting had been more than welcoming and insightful. It literally opened the door for a better me. And even though all I did was write an article or two every few weeks, I felt like my voice sort of mattered, as if someone had told me, hey, I want to know what you think. It gave me an escape, a sense of purpose. Sure, everything else may not have been going right, but at least I had this one piece of serenity, of happiness and purpose to myself.


Her Conference was the boost I needed to come out of my shell and realize what exactly I wanted out of my career, out of my own interests. It gave me the courage to look at myself and say, what can I do to make myself better? It wasn’t just a matter of getting an internship, make money, be successful.


No, this conference was more than that. I spoke with girls that understood the pressure it is to not have everything figured out when you’re so used to having everything already in place. I met such amazing women that spoke out loud my fears and anxieties and smashed them by saying, “well, here I am. I am happy and fulfilled and every day I am working at being a better me.”


Samantha Fulgham, the Director of Marketing at Bumble told me not to fear rejection. That I had to hustle until my haters would ask if I was hiring.


Dr. Jen Welter, the first female NFL coach, inspired me to keep dreaming and breaking down barriers. Ultimately, everything I do paves the way for the next younger girl to achieve her dream too.


Actress Logan Browning shared with us that it’s ok to not know the answers to everything. Life isn’t about getting everything right the first time, nor is it about being perfect. It’s about learning from others, enjoying our differences and rejoicing in everything that comes our way.


CEO of The Light Leaks and filmmaker Kim Hoyos inspired me to stop that negative voice in my head. Everyone must start somewhere, and there is no shame in a bumpy learning process.


This conference has taught me that everything I’ve always wanted to be, everything I’ve ever wanted—it’s all obtainable, it’s all within reach.

Or, as actor Nico Tortorella (quoting the amazing Chaka Khan) said, “It’s all in me.”